About Joseph Maynard

I'm Joseph Maynard, originally from Reading (pronounced red-ing!) in the south of the UK (hence the URL), but now living in Sydney with my beautiful Australian wife Sally. I've worked in design in one form or another for most of my adult life, and am experienced in a number of different fields.

I’ve been designing websites for over 12 years and have created over a hundred sites for various different clients. I have kept up to date with all the web technologies over the years and know all about things like HTML5 semantic markup, responsive web design, seo best practices and CSS3.

I have created artworks for hundreds of cassettes, CDs and DVDs for a variety of different clients, ranging from bands and small businesses to multinational companies and academic institutions. I’m used to sitting down with clients and creating artworks, working to briefs and conforming to corporate style guides.

I have worked with digital, litho-offset, pad and screen printing, producing colour separated films to make printing plates, or preflighted files for PDF workflows, so I have a good understanding of all the underlying processes of commercial printing. I have also had to use this knowledge to get hundreds of artworks of widely varying quality to work in a commercial environment, many created by first time amateur designers on cheap, nonprofessional software.

I have produced 2D and 3D animations for DVDs, websites and CD-ROMs and have worked on many video editing, DVD authoring and green screen compositing projects. Recently I’ve produced digital signage animations for several video walls in London’s Gatwick airport; the high number of passengers who pass through there means it is probably my most viewed work to date.

I have been using the Adobe Creative Suite since it's first release and have come to know all of the main packages inside out. Recently I've been expanding my skill set with Treehouse and I am currently learning about iOS development and expanding my programming abilities.

My years of experience in a wide range of fields, technical knowledge and skills make me a good digital all-rounder who would add something to most creative teams. If you would like to hire me or know more, please get in touch below.

Joseph Maynard