TAB NBA 2017


I created this game for TAB and Perform Group at 1st Screen to promote TAB’s app during the NBA season.

The game was inspired by the aiming system in Angry Birds (although I resisted the temptation to call the game Angry Balls…).

I built the stadium and obstacle drones in Cinema 4D and animated the player in Poser, I was able to re-use some of the assets from the basketball game I built for TAB in 2014, I think this game is a lot better though! The old game required users to hit a button while looking a small power meter, so I think a lot of the games graphics and animation went to waste, the new game hopefully allows more time to take in all the work.

The game was going to be promoted running banners in mobile apps, but it can also be shared on Facebook, so I built it to work on both mobile and desktop.

The high score board uses an AWS back-end built with Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB. I built a back-end interface in React so the client could edit or remove any inappropriate names by themselves.

You can play the game here.