Rogue One

Rogue One


I created this campaign at 1st Screen for Disney / Lucas Film to promote Rogue One (A Star Wars Story) in New Zealand.

I had the idea, no doubt inspired by Pokemon Go, of using our standard banner inventory to let users collect characters from the film by tapping on banners in a virtual sticker book. The collected character are stored in HTML5 Local Storage, but also in a back-end system using AWS Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB storing them against the users unique ID so their collections can be maintained across different apps where resources are not shared between different web views.

The site is a single  page application (SPA) built using React, React-Router and Axios.  in some ways React was over-kill but using React-Router meant I could have separate URLs for collecting each character with one page keeping all the code in one place and complete the whole project in a few days including client amendments.

You can see the site here, although you probably won’t have any collected character, so you can access the banners screen, which I built for testing and client approval, to collect them all here.


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